Few Updates: RESULTS of Protective hairstyle Challenge & London Natural Hair Week 2015

Hey lovlies, I haven’t posted in a minute, I am literally in my final 2 weeks of my undergraduate degree and deadlines are piling up. God will see me through however.

First and foremost, I haven’t said anything about how my 9 week protective box braids challenge went. My hair grew, but at its usual pace, nothing significant. I grew approximately an inch all around. The biggest advantage for me is that I have no access to my hair and my ends, and so my “hand in hair” problem has not been a problem. My ends are nice and protected. However, the most annoying part for me during this challenge is the dryness my hair suffers. In braids, my hair feels dry very quickly! During the first few week, I was consistent in making sure that my hair was always moisturized (spray bottle and oil). However, as the weeks passed, my lazy side began to take over and really… I couldn’t be asked because my hair was always dry. I ended up moisturizing my hair once every 3-4 days. As a result of my laziness, my hair lacked moisture when my braids were taken out and I had a lot of shedding. In other words, my hair grew an inch, but I lost strands of hair!

I also attended 2015 London Natural Hair Week! My braids at this point looked a mess (week 6) so I had to “refresh”  them (took out the braids around my front edges and back edges and redid them).

FullSizeRender (1)

I know what you lot must be thinking, you braided all you edges! Yes I did, just so that my braid slayed for this natural hair event. After the natural hair event, believe me when I say, the first thing I did was take out my braids.

So as I was saying….I attended the London Natural Hair week event and it was soooo amazing, I am sure numbers reached up to around 200 women or more. I saw the most beautiful textures, lengths and styles, it was I so inspiring and very motivating. I have that extra urge in me to look after my hair and make it look beautiful.

I learnt so many things from the London natural hair week event and my next couple of posts are going to reflect on what I have learnt. I will start with styling, curling and bantu knots. I will also post a few basic things on the science of black hair. Because if we do not understand what a hair strand is made of and what hair loves, we will struggle with finding suitable products that actually do their job. I was unable to record videos and take photos as I have not had time to purchase my video camera yet. But I will defo get that in time for the next natural hair event I will be attending next month.

I also purchased a lot of great things, NOT PRODUCTS, there is only so much product a girl can use, but other things such as ankara bow ties and head scarves for natural hair buns and braids. Totally gonna rock them this summer. The fact that they match really gassed me too much as well lmao….


Also my one year post big chop anniversary will be in like 2 weeks. I have done a whole year. In fact, I stopped using relaxers officially around april last year so technically…. I have done more than year as a natural. It has been a journey, and not an easy one at all. However it has become easier over time. So all my new naturals out there, hang on, time flies trust me.

I will definitely post some big chop vs 1 year photos because know every time I saw pictures like that it will always encourage me.

Stay tuned for more posts.

Love y’all


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