After several trials, I finally mastered the twist out style with my 4c hair kinky hair. If you’re twist outs do not work, keep trying, maybe you need more length, or maybe you need to try different products or maybe you are doing something technically wrong, like weting the twists before taking them out. But keep trying ladies.

Here are the steps I took that finally allowed me to achieve a nice twist out:

1. On freshly washed hair, I leave my hair to air dry – 90%. If you want to do a twist out on dry hair however you have to spray some water (mixed with an oil of your choice) from my spray bottle so that the hair is just a bit damp.


2. I do two-strand twists in small sections with my hair. To do this I section a small part of my hair, I apply a finger dip of Cantu Coconut Curling Cream and rake it though the section of hair, especially the tips to add moisture to the tresses. I then seal in the moisture with an oil or a cream, such as the Cantu Hair Dressing Pomade.

IMG_5430 IMG_5487 IMG_5488 IMG_5404 IMG_5411

3. I leave in the twists for a day or two, or just over night. I wear a satin scarf to bed as well so that the moisture does not get drawn out of my hair onto my cotton pillow case.

4. I take out the twists gently, by un-revelling the twists, making sure I don’t disturb the curls. Make sure the twists are dry, don’t spray with water before taking them down because the curls will not be defined, they will end up frizzy.


5. Using a pick comb, I dig into the roots of my hair and drag it up an inch just to stretch the roots of the curls. This gives volume to your twist out.


6. Finally you style you twist out as you please. My favourite twist out style is the “Curly Pineapple”. Or you can just leave it out as a fabulous fro’.

IMG_5481 IMG_5467 IMG_5479

After one whole day, the twists lasted another day before they started getting frizzy…

IMG_5239 IMG_5257

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