Summer is here guys! Yassss! BUT we can not get too carried away with the enjoyment because our hair needs serious attention in the summer. If care is not taken your hair will struggle with dryness and breakage. Here are a few summer tips for you beautiful naturals. summer-hair-1 Due to the heat, the moisture in your hair can quickly dry out, therefore it is important to keep your hair moisturised and to seal in the moisture! Easiest way to use a spray bottle to dampen the hair and seal in the moisture with an oil and cream. Also keep yourself hydrated. In the summer, a woman should take no less than 1.6L-2L per day. This practice will also help hydrate you hair from the inside.   


Let your hair receive some sunlight so that you get a natural source of Vitamin D, however if you are out for long periods, it is better to shield your hair from constant UV rays. To do this, wear something stylish on your hair such as a sun hat, a bucket hat, a scarf, etc. SummerCoverpic natural-hair-vacation-scarf-updo Check out my post on Headscarf Tutorials for summer (click here). Always remember that if you have sensitive skin that can sunburn easily, then your hair will also be as sensitive. In the summer make sure you add products such as shea butter and sesame oil which help filter UV rays and form a layer of protection. If you have HIGH porosity or NORMAL porosity hair, then I encourage you to cool your hair by rinsing it with cold water when you feel your scalp is sweaty. This will help maintain right temperatures for hair growth. Remember, sweaty scalp does not mean your hair is dirty, so do not use a shampoo or conditioner when cooling your hair, unless it is wash day of course. Also try and refrigerate your leave in conditioners and your styling creams as this will help close up your cuticles, to prevent moisture from leaving your hair. HOWEVER, if you have LOW porosity hair, refrigerating or applying cold products is not too wise. Low porosity hair, like my hair, already have tightly closed cuticles. We need the heat the open up our cuticles to get the moisture in. Our regimen is focused around heat. But obviously if you have a sweaty scalp, cooling your hair in the summer with cold water is fine, but it will affect how well your hair can absorb moisture. Hair-porosity-by-Maicurls-1 Another tip is to stay away from heat styling tools such as straighteners, blow dryers, and curlers, as this can dry out your hair further. If you cant do without blow drying, then make sure you apply layers of moisture and heat protectant. Remember that it is better to blow dry your hair using high heat or a cold air blow dryer. High heat is better than medium heat because you end up exposing your hair to heat for a shorter period of time. But obviously no heat (cold air dryer, or air drying) is still the best option. Also try alternatives: instead of using a curling iron, try curlformers on your hair to produce all kinds of waves and curls, or just twist your hair out girl!


Finally amp up your regimen, do more deep conditioning, do oil rinses with penetrating oils such as coconut oil, and look after your ends because during the drying summer months, your hair looses moisture quick and is more prone to split frizzy ends and knots. 2a0c1378a014cb0b5b507019e4d71c96 natural-hair-summer-photo

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