Throughout this past 3 weeks, I have noticed that my scalp has become increasingly itchy, like its embarrassing when you are out and you can get your fingers out of your hair because of that one itchy spot. So I took to google, and looked up causes of itchy scalp. Then I looked for causes of itchy scalp specifically for natural hair women because I know we use more products and do more things to maintain our hair, therefore we could possibly have more causes of itchy scalp.

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Summer is here guys! Yassss! BUT we can not get too carried away with the enjoyment because our hair needs serious attention in the summer. If care is not taken your hair will struggle with dryness and breakage. Here are a few summer tips for you beautiful naturals. Continue reading SUMMER TIME FINE: LOOK AFTER YOUR HAIR!


After several trials, I finally mastered the twist out style with my 4c hair kinky hair. If you’re twist outs do not work, keep trying, maybe you need more length, or maybe you need to try different products or maybe you are doing something technically wrong, like weting the twists before taking them out. But keep trying ladies.

Here are the steps I took that finally allowed me to achieve a nice twist out:


London Natural Hair Events I Will Be Attending!!!

As I only did my big chop last year June, I have not had a chance to explore and network with other naturals. Now that I have a blog, it is important to learn new things and network and become a part of the UK natural hair empire. The two events that I am defo attending are the Women in the Jungle (WITJ) Natural Hair Event and the 2015 Natural Hair Week. Below is a brief description of what will be going on in each event and how you can purchase tickets! For those of you who would not be able to make it, I love y’all so I will update you guys through my blog and post pictures and videos.

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Spotlight Interview: Chiaka Valentina

With us this week, we are going to hear what Chiaka Valentina who has been in the natural hair vlogging industry for a very long time and her Youtube channel is bursting with information and new advice. We are going to see what she has to say concerning being a natural haired woman, how she takes care of her natural tresses, hair dying and products and her opinion on natural hair related issues. Check out her channel when you are free, you are bound to learn something new https://www.youtube.com/user/ChiakaValentina.

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Winner has now been chosen!!!!!

My first giveaway winner was announced on my Instagram and has been notified

Stay tuned for when i reach 5K views for the chance to win the next giveaway.

Thanks lovelies!

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