Spotlight Interview: Millicent Swift (NaturallyMichy)

Hey Everybody, so I am going to begin a new thing called Spotlight, were I will showcase women or men, mainly women, who deserve to be recognized for their healthy and beautiful natural hair. The purpose of this is for you guys to get to know why they embraced being natural and how they do it, including their hair care routines, and their tips and advice that would benefit you in your own natural hair journey. Personally I’ve learnt a lot! 

Each month I will try and ask different questions and I will try and target different individuals including bloggers, professional natural hair stylists, natural hair event planners, vloggers, etc.

Today I am placing a young woman, who goes by the name NaturallyMichy, in the spotlight! She is an experienced YouTube vlogger ( as well as the owner of a natural hair blog ( 

Her videos and blog posts are very informative and easy to understand and I believe she is a great person to learn from so I am glad that she agreed to share her Natural Hair experience with us and how she achieved such lovely healthy hair.


Let’s see what she has to say:

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Hey beautifuls! So as you know back in January I completed by JBCO Oil Challenge and the results were amazing. You can check out my post on it:

You can also check out the protective hairstyle gallery I am putting together for inspiration at

Now I am going to embark on a new challenge: The Protective Hairstyle Challenge. I have 9 more weeks left of Uni so I will take advantage of that period and put my hair into braids until I leave for uni holiday.



Okay so this week I just completed my JBCO challenge. This challenge lasted for six weeks and Ive seen AMAZING results! So first of all let me tell you how to get involved with the challenge and what the rules are. You can do the challenge for as long as you want- 1 month, 6 weeks, 6 months, etc. Both naturals and non-naturals can benefit from this challenge!

Challenge Rules:

1. Apply JBCO to your scalp and massage it in, every 2 days, or if you want every day.

Note: massaging your hair whilst applying oil to the scalp, helps to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles and stimulate growth Continue reading JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL (JBCO) CHALLENGE 101