Few Updates: RESULTS of Protective hairstyle Challenge & London Natural Hair Week 2015

Hey lovlies, I haven’t posted in a minute, I am literally in my final 2 weeks of my undergraduate degree and deadlines are piling up. God will see me through however.

First and foremost, I haven’t said anything about how my 9 week protective box braids challenge went. My hair grew, but at its usual pace, nothing significant. I grew approximately an inch all around. The biggest advantage for me is that I have no access to my hair and my ends, and so my “hand in hair” problem has not been a problem. My ends are nice and protected. However, the most annoying part for me during this challenge is the dryness my hair suffers. In braids, my hair feels dry very quickly! During the first few week, I was consistent in making sure that my hair was always moisturized (spray bottle and oil). However, as the weeks passed, my lazy side began to take over and really… I couldn’t be asked because my hair was always dry. I ended up moisturizing my hair once every 3-4 days. As a result of my laziness, my hair lacked moisture when my braids were taken out and I had a lot of shedding. In other words, my hair grew an inch, but I lost strands of hair! Continue reading Few Updates: RESULTS of Protective hairstyle Challenge & London Natural Hair Week 2015

London Natural Hair Events I Will Be Attending!!!

As I only did my big chop last year June, I have not had a chance to explore and network with other naturals. Now that I have a blog, it is important to learn new things and network and become a part of the UK natural hair empire. The two events that I am defo attending are the Women in the Jungle (WITJ) Natural Hair Event and the 2015 Natural Hair Week. Below is a brief description of what will be going on in each event and how you can purchase tickets! For those of you who would not be able to make it, I love y’all so I will update you guys through my blog and post pictures and videos.

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Spotlight Interview: Chiaka Valentina

With us this week, we are going to hear what Chiaka Valentina who has been in the natural hair vlogging industry for a very long time and her Youtube channel is bursting with information and new advice. We are going to see what she has to say concerning being a natural haired woman, how she takes care of her natural tresses, hair dying and products and her opinion on natural hair related issues. Check out her channel when you are free, you are bound to learn something new https://www.youtube.com/user/ChiakaValentina.

Follow the beautiful Chiaka Valentina also on instagram for natural hairstyles and inspiration, @chiakavalentina. So let us see what she has to say today: Continue reading Spotlight Interview: Chiaka Valentina


Winner has now been chosen!!!!!

My first giveaway winner was announced on my Instagram and has been notified

Stay tuned for when i reach 5K views for the chance to win the next giveaway.

Thanks lovelies!

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Have you ever woken up, checked the mirror and realised that it was a bad hair day. But you are in such a rush to leave for uni or work, or you are in no mood what so ever to sort your hair out, or you need to run out quickly to do next week’s shopping! Well here are couple of quick video tutorials on quick hairstyles you can do in 5 minutes with scarves. Now that spring is here and summer is around the corner, these styles are now in season, so take full advantage. Word of advice is try and go for like a silk scarf rather than a cotton scarf as cotton tends to dry out your hair. However if you want to use a cotton scarf, then perhaps you should use something underneath to protect your hair e.g. the satin scarf you use at night. These scarf styles can also be used if you want to hide messy braids or protective styles so you can keep them in longer. Take a look at these tutorials:


Spotlight Interview: MezeCurls

So I am back again with a new Naturalista who goes by the name of Mezecurls. She too is an upcoming Natural hair YouTube Vlogger who has had years of experience with natural hair, retaining length and keeping it healthy, Check out her channel later on (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCktLrQv_2g0PEnTMUAQoeCw), she has amazing videos, amazing hairstyles and lots of great tips to share with everyone. I am so glad she agreed to do this week’s Spotlight feature. She is really doing her thing and as a fellow Nigerian I have to give a round of applause! Also follow her on Instagram @mezecurls. Thanks so much for the time you’ve taken out for this interview Mezecurls!

Let us take a look at what she has to say:

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 13.15.44Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 13.16.10

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Spotlight Interview: Millicent Swift (NaturallyMichy)

Hey Everybody, so I am going to begin a new thing called Spotlight, were I will showcase women or men, mainly women, who deserve to be recognized for their healthy and beautiful natural hair. The purpose of this is for you guys to get to know why they embraced being natural and how they do it, including their hair care routines, and their tips and advice that would benefit you in your own natural hair journey. Personally I’ve learnt a lot! 

Each month I will try and ask different questions and I will try and target different individuals including bloggers, professional natural hair stylists, natural hair event planners, vloggers, etc.

Today I am placing a young woman, who goes by the name NaturallyMichy, in the spotlight! She is an experienced YouTube vlogger (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUWtP1_WUVExmbU6XM_5-rQ) as well as the owner of a natural hair blog (http://naturallymichy.com/). 

Her videos and blog posts are very informative and easy to understand and I believe she is a great person to learn from so I am glad that she agreed to share her Natural Hair experience with us and how she achieved such lovely healthy hair.


Let’s see what she has to say:

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